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.Pandora came into existence in 2005, in a small depot at the Mega Center, with great hopes as Pandora Plastik A.S. stepped forward to the packaging sector with his distributor identity, yet it has the principle “to protect”. Taking advantage of location, it started to supply plastic packaging to the food sector where it is located. At TUYAP Packaging Fair, it gradually announced its name in the packaging sector with a small stand. Pandora, with its increasingly stronger team over the years, has moved its trade out of the borders of the country with developing sales force. In 2010, Pandora explored the world by putting his products and dreams into his bag, like a traveler. Began to participate in international sector fairs in many countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. At this point Pandora has now added the exporter identity to the distributor identity. Pandora, who creates a customer portfolio in close to 40 countries, is proud and happy to be preferred in the packaging of of a cereal producer in Ghana, a dates producer in Saudi Arabia, corn producer in Spain and a fisherman in Norway.
Berolina Plastics Berolina Plastik is one of the first companies established in 1995 in Luleburgaz / KIRKLARELI depending on Garipoglu Group of Companies. In 1998, it moved to the Kocaeli Trakya Sa
NAMLI Plastic; with is experience and trained staff has been specialized in the plastic packaging industry by continuous improvement since 2010. NAMLI is one of the leading plastic manufacturer in Turkey. NAMLI offers customized packaging design with it’s thermoform packaging and IML injection packaging production; aims the highest level of customer satisfaction with it’s professional team and high quality. To meet the customer demands NAMLI apply the international quality standards without any exception.
Ctp Trade Helping to increase to sales of products via experience on quality. Your brand will be in a top seller on market shelves because the customers become aware of quality via your product quality. To do the business in the areas we are interested according to the international standarts, meet the expectations of the customers well and develop the quality of service and production served in our sector.
Our enriching, competitive, innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions have gradually contributed to our growth since 2003. Guncan Plastik offers quality with the products that it produces in ev